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Your Solution for Damaged Electronics

Phoenix Equipment Restoration is your solution for damaged electronics.
Phoenix is synonymous with new life and a new start. When the mythological phoenix bird reaches
the end of its lifecycle it sets itself on fire only to rise from its own ashes with new life.

Similarly, Phoenix Equipment Restoration has been reborn as a successor of STS Equipment Restoration
with new life in the form of improved and expanded services. By quickly restoring equipment and electronics that are required for
daily life and business operations, we help insured home owners and businesses rise above the chaos caused by property damage.

What WE DO

We clean and restore electronics and equipment that have been affected by smoke, fire, water and power surge damage. Items that we restore include, but are not limited to:


Residential Electronics

- TVs, home theater systems, speakers
- Video game systems
- Laptops, desktop computers, and tablets
- Printers, scanners and accessories
- Kitchen electronics and appliances
- Cameras and digital media devices
- Treadmills and other exercise machines
- All forms of media (DVDs, tapes, records, etc)
- Virtually anything with a plug or motor

Commercial Electronics & Electro-mechanical Equipment

- Computers systems, networks, routers, servers and hard drives
- Printers, photocopiers and fax machines
- Telephone systems
- Gym equipment and machines
- Medical equipment
- Musical equipment and recording equipment
- Production machinery and appliances
- Restaurant equipment and appliances
- Slot machines and arcade games


Benefits of our services

- Cost-effective: We save money for insurance companies and the insured.
- Minimized Waste: A longer lifecycle means less electronic waste.
- Storage Facility: We store items at our climate controlled location (with 24 hour video surveillance) until you are ready to have them returned.
- Flexibility: We can clean on site (depending on level of damage) or bring items back to our shop. We also offer a rush service on items needed ASAP.
- Minimized Interruption: We pick up, deliver and reinstall items exactly where they belong.
- Detailed Reports: Our reports show the comparative cost savings for restoring vs. replacing. They are also itemized with notes and photos so that everything is accounted for.

our services

- Damage evaluations
- Cleaning and restoration
- Damage consulting
- Data recovery


Where you can find us

PHOENIX Equipment Restoration

1260 E Woodland Ave, Ste. 36
Springfield, PA 19064

toll free: 888-804-2837
email: info@Phoenix2Restore.com

Facebook Facebook.com/Phoenix2Restore

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